Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Earth revolves around the Sun.

I was watching a program on the DVR about astronomy. It was a fascinating show that walked through the history starting with the Greeks and Romans, working through Math and Science all the way through to today’s techniques.

When they were talking about Galileo, and the compromises he had to make in order to save his own head, I was astounded. Though he wasn’t the first to suggest it, he is quoted as saying “The Earth revolves around the Sun.” For this, he was subjected to the wrath of the Church and all that goes along with that.

My immediate thought was, “Of course the Earth revolves around the Sun.” That makes perfect sense. If you really think about it, it is kind of easy to see, but at the time, it was not so obvious. Science to that point still pointed to the Sun revolving around the Earth.

The thing that struck me is that until someone points something out, it seems impossible and inconceivable. Until we send someone to Mars, we haven’t, but we have sent several people to the Moon. Think about that! The history of the Earth changed in what we call December 1969; a pivot point in time when everything that comes after it is in a new paradigm.

Like the notion that Gravity didn’t exist until Newton figured it out. Of course Gravity existed! We just didn’t know how to explain or measure it. Now we do…

The point I am trying to make is that you have the ability to create a pivot point in your own timeline. You can make a paradigm shift in your thinking.

When you are out looking for your next job, think about the way you behave. Your facial expressions, your posture, your personal presentation, clothing, hair, accessories, etc…, all say something about the type of person you are. It is a reflection of your intentions. It is time for you to be deliberate. Don’t let something fall into your lap, go out and get it. It is feeding time, and employers are looking for value for their investment. Value comes in the form of Character.

There are a lot of people that are good at your job. You have to differentiate yourself with a value proposition. You must develop your Character as the foundation to build everything else upon. You must align your intentions with your behavior. Make sure you are doing the things you mean to do. If you are not, then you must be doing the things you DO NOT mean to do. That is a recipe for disaster.

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