Friday, February 11, 2011

Professional Resume Writers - Are they worth the money?

Recently I have encountered several people who asked me about Professional Resume Writing services and if I thought they were worth the money.  Some of these people had already spent the money and others were simply thinking about it.  Regardless, my answer is consistently "No!"

When you think about what is really going on, there are people who have been out of work for a significant amount of time.  They have rewritten their resume several times, and still they are not getting any traction in the marketplace.  Some of this may be due to the overall economy, but I tend to believe that the real issue at hand is that their resume does not effectively tell their story.  Professional resume writers are now coming out of the woodwork, taking advantage of the emotional state of these job seekers, and charging a lot of money that people really don't have to spend.  And for what? 

When you really get down to the nuts and bolts, and you start answering the questions, Who are you?  and What do you want?  You will find that it is much easier to craft a message that will sell when you tell it to a hiring manager.  You see, your resume is your most sacred tool and you should care for it like your life depends on it.  Only you really know what your passionate about.  Only you can tell your story with vigor.  Only you can capture the attention of potential employers with a heightened sense of purpose. 

A professional may be able to help you with grammar, or formatting, but there is no guarantee that they will help you formulate your message or find you a job.  There are many people who will help you with the mechanics of your resume for free!  Talk to your recruiters or your past managers, or friends and family to help with that stuff.  But, if you want your message to resonate, then only you can truly dig deep and find the words to write down. 

For a free evaluation of your resume, send me a copy, and I will gladly give you the most professional critique at no cost at all.  I wont rewrite it for you, but I will certainly share my thoughts about how you might rewrite it yourself.

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